Panino Imbottito
Italian Stuffed Sandwhich

This may not be your typical Panino.. one made on a ciabatta roll in a Panini press, but it is nonetheless stuffed, grilled and abundant with the typical Italian fare to satisfy even the most discriminating foodie critic!

With deli meats on hand like coppa, prosciutto and salumi, fresh leafy basil, peppers, tomatoes and portobello mushrooms, an array of cheeses like buffala mozzarella and a not so Italian, creamy Blue Moon cheese, it took no time at all to grill up this luscious and hearty stuffed Italian sandwhich.

Although I roasted the peppers, tomatoes and mushrooms drizzled with a bit of olive oil and fresh cracked pepper and kosher salt, a stuffed sandwich doesn't necessarily have to be made with fresh ingredients. Growing up my mom always had on hand, giardiniera, peperoncini, muffuletta, salumi, sun dried tomatoes... these are jarred condiments that keep well in the pantry and are always available for a delicious stuffed sandwich. When shopping for groceries I always have on my list, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, vine ripened tomatoes, Italian deli meats, fresh Italian cheeses, cured olives, fresh herbs and rolls, that way I'll always be ready to make panini's for my family when we want a simple and quick meal.
Ciao and Buon Appetito!