A sweet and spicy gourmet treat for the adventurous chocolate lover….

Who doesn’t like chocolate.. rich and creamy decadent morsels of fine truffles or the traditional hot cocoa beverage, it is given as the gift of love or taken as a monthly medicinal concoction to enhance moods. Always satisfactory and hardly ever leaving the mind for a quick sweet pick me up. So to say the least, an opportunity to review chocolate is by far the easiest task I may ever have!

My first reaction was delight! I hadn’t even taken a bite of the truffles but was so charmed by the beautifully decorated red box with the black ribbon tagged with tiny silver cowgirl boots. It is a keeper and it's not even the keepsake box that is specially fitted in leather that you can see on the Cowgirl Gifts page on their website. I really think they marketed this product well, those in the industry know, there are certain desired characteristics you want to achieve in selling any product, first impressions count like curb appeal or a house with the scent of fresh baked cookies. You want to buy!

Inside the box were confectionaries wrapped in colorful foil, which if I had first read the leaflet I would have known these to be color codes. But instead, I impatiently unwrapped the first sweet which happened to be the Buckin’ Hot Habanero Caramel. Don’t let this be the first candy you try. I was a bit shocked and not ready to make the same mistake twice. I gave myself some time to recoup before I set out to give the rest a go.

Instead of being the lone taste tester of these treats I decided to recruit my family and friends. The color coding was separated into two categories, spicy and mild. Under the mild category are, Double Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Ivory Orange and Raspberry Lemon.

I tried the Double Dark Chocolate and the Raspberry Lemon. The dark chocolate was smooth in texture and just a hint of cayenne pepper. This was an unmistakable flavoring. It gives a tiny bite but doesn’t leave an after taste. You barely experience the heat with the mild chocolates, which allows you to really experience the quality of the chocolate. The creamy texture reminds me of a Lindt Lindor chocolate but not as buttery. I liked it. The second mild chocolate I tried was the Raspberry Lemon. The lemon flavoring overpowered the raspberry and left a bit too much twang for my preference and could just be the cowgirl kinda thing. My daughter tried the Ivory Orange, her comment was, “I love the tangerine taste!” This is good in itself because my daughter is very picky and the most finicky eater of us all. My son enjoyed the milk chocolate and was looking forward to his next experience. The consensus for the mild flavored chocolates was good and just a small underlying flavor of spice.

After my experience with the Habanero Caramel, I approached the Spicy chocolates with caution. No need to though, it turned out that the Buckin Hot Habanero Caramel was by far the spiciest and most intimidating.
Even the Habanero Dark Chocolate didn’t leave my mouth burning. It could be the combination of the butter solids that temper the heat and leave a more enjoyable experience. The Hazelnut and Cappuccino were enjoyed by our friend Twyla who has quite a bit of experience with hot and spicy Asian cuisine. She savored it slowly and came to the conclusion if served these at a party she would definitely go back for seconds. Her observation was that the heat was tame and mild. I wish she could have been the one to have tried the Buckin Hot Habanero Caramel! ☺

I looked forward to trying the Raspberry Dark Chocolate. The combinations of berries with chocolate usually draw me every time. Again, there was the unmistakable flavor of lemon. I don’t know if this is a misprint and it should have read Raspberry Lemon, or if it is a flavoring substance that leaves a sharp and acidic undertone, but this one wasn’t my favorite.

My favorite though has to be the Double Dark Chocolate Spicy Truffle. It had the right combination of heat and flavor with a creamy smooth texture. It is one of those chocolates that in the right mood would be the only thing to satisfy a craving for a very unique and deliciously sweetened delight.

I would most definitely buy these chocolate confections for an adventurous friend or a Foodie with a Spicy fetish. I applaud Marilyn Lysohir for her creativity and talent! I hope good fortune and cowgirl fame for her, she is also a very talented ceramicist.. my other passion, which makes her a mud slinger and painter of fine chocolates!

Congratulations Cowgirl Chocolates and Good luck to you!

Laurie M. Vengoechea


Passionate About Baking said...

Pairing at it's finest...& best. Habanero caamels, spicy chcolates...sounds like a TREAT! Love the review Laurie; happly holidays to you & your dear ones! Much love...

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

They sound great. I actually really love the combination of chilies and chocolate, although habaneros are REALLY quite hot!

Happy holidays! Buon Natale!

The Blonde Duck said...

Those are so cute! I love them!