Winchester Cheese Company

My folder of places visited and restaurants enjoyed has been sitting way to long collecting dust, so far avoiding the cobwebs. Summer has been busy! Visiting elegant restaurants has come few and far between while juggling driving schedules and little feet underfoot. But there are some places worth visiting that even the kiddies can enjoy and stay focused on.

A nice drive down Winchester Rd. in the city of Temecula was all it took to get us to our destination, the “Winchester Cheese Company”, home of the "Gouda" (Goudse Kaas) Boere Kaas, which translates into, ”Home made Gouda fresh from the farm”! The Wesselink family has been making Gouda Cheese in the same traditional way as their families back home have made it in Holland for many, many generations, with the exception of the wooden tubs and tools, they now allow themselves the luxury of using shiny stainless steel vats and utensils, but the Taste Remains unmistakably... "Gouda" Boere Kaas!

One of the beauties of this Cheese Company is the dairy and cow farm attached to the facility. They have about 500 Holstein cows on the dairy, which are milked daily and then within an hour’s time are at the cheese making facility being poured into vats, the culture which is imported from Holland is mixed in and the process of making curds and whey is on it’s way!

For our visit we were fortunate to have arrived early enough in the day when they were actually stirring the curds. A view window overlooking their cheese making room allowed us to watch and to even ask questions of the cheese makers. If you aren’t as lucky to arrive at the right time, you can plan ahead with a phone call and be set up with a personal tour.

Cheese can be purchased at the on site facility store or ordered online. The collection of Gouda includes, Mild, Medium Aged, Sharp, Super Aged, Jalapeno, Cumin, Garden Herb Gouda, and Smoked Gouda. While seven of these cheeses have won Gold Medal honors at the LA County fair, the Boere Kaas (farm made) Sharp Aged Gouda won a prestigious Bronze Medal at the World Cheese Awards in London, England and the Super Aged Gouda won First Place at The American Cheese Society contest.

Being new to cheeses from Holland my first purchase was the Medium Aged Gouda.
I really didn’t know how to cook with it since the taste was new to me, so I sliced up a few pieces and baked it in the oven on an onion bagel. Wow, it was and is exceptional!
I am so glad my first try was on a piece of bread, it allowed me to really taste the distinct earthy flavor that went so well with the onion. The texture is a bit like Fontina cheese; it melts well and still retains a good consistency.

Be sure to visit the Winchester Cheese Company near the beautiful Temecula, California. And I highly recommend you walk away with a cheese purchase, you’ll be happy you did!

Laurie M. Vengo…

Winchester Cheese Company
32605 Holland Road, Winchester, California 92596
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