Food Photography and Styling Challenge | April | Pasta

Welcome to "The Inspired Plate". We are a collective gathering of 14 food enthusiast photographers. Each month we post final photographic images of a styled dish that we have been working on throughout the month. Some of us.. like me, procrastinate the actual styling and photography and shoot at the last minute.. on the last day.. before posting! Come on gals.. I know I'm not the only one! :) Instead during our month, we spend much of our time sharing and gleaning from each other's styles, like that of the talented and oh so current artist Jenn, from Localette or the crisp and beautiful food photo's from Stacey at Stacey Siegal Photography, really.. please pass what's on that plate.. it's GORGEOUS Girl!! We are learning the business aspect of photography from amazing artists and professionals like Jennifer Grant and marketing strategies from Tiffany Dahle. The use of Photographic light.. and shooting with love from Allison Jacobs. And using the gift of word's from the very VERY talented freelance food writer, Kim Kelly from Liv Life  food blog. But for me, finding the key to living a balanced life as a mom_photographer with a mom_full_time_schedule is something I'm learning from the amazing Carey Pace who writes about it with such humor and inspiration on her blog.  She "IS" a Story Teller.. and I Love her! :) All these gals bring sooo much to the table! I appreciate them all - and look forward each month to the challenges that come our way. Believe me.. many of them have nothing to do with photography, but they're still there, with open arms and a hug to share. I didn't mention them all by name.. but I glean from them all, the stories that come through them, the heart in their "day in and day out" lives. A mom with 5 kids.. and on crutches, a wife mending to her husband barely out of the hospital, a husband wife team ready to build their dream home, a gal sharing her gorgeous floral photographs in a gallery opening, or the vacationing gals who still find time to spend with their families and hold down a business. They are all amazing!!!! So.. to you my readers, who are regular visitors.. and to you who just happened by, be sure you visit  all the gals in " The Inspired Plate" blog circle. Next up is me dear friend Tiffany Dahle from Develop.   Be sure you leave her some love.  And check out this girls Pinterest page.. You'll know why I mentioned her under marketing!! Have a wonderful month.. till we meet again for our Food Photography and Styling Challenge!

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