Jono Vengo and his "Amazing" African Safari Animals!

Jono and Kat.. my oldest kids setting up the giraffe
Worthy of a blog post.. my son Jono's amazing art work! I am so proud of this boy. He has been working for our cities planning and events department as a team co-ordinator and one of his duties is to paint murals for their special events. 

This event.. African Safari Animals. His talent get's better and better. He even sings and was awarded a position to sing the National Anthem at our cities 9/11 remembrance ceremony. I see big things in his future!! :) 

Jono and giraffe
Kat holding up the tallllll beastie! She's so petite! :)
The end.. or should I say "the beginning"! 

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Kim - Liv Life said...

Talented AND handsome too!! You must be a proud Mama. Congratulations Jono on your beautiful work!