DMC Cooking School ~ Crepes

DMC Cooking school  - Crepe’s


6 eggs
1 ½ cups flour
¼ tsp. salt
1 ½ cups water
2 tablespoons melted butter

small amount of butter, for coating the pan
Parchment Paper

Pre cut your parchment sheets.. I usually have 3 dozen

ready to go!

                          Measure all ingredients into a 
                          blender jar; blend for 30 seconds. 
                          Scrape down sides. Blend for 15 
                          seconds more. Cover and let sit 
                          for 1 hour to allow flour to absorb 
                          more of the liquids. 

                          Very (very) lightly butter a pre-heated crepe pan or non 
                          stick saute pan to medium low heat. Pour 1/4 ladle full
                          of batter into pan and quickly turn and rotate to coat pan. 

                          Let crepe sit till it begins to release from the sides of pan. 

See how the sides are starting to pull away from the pan? ! 

                         Only cook on one side. With spatula, transfer to parchment paper
                         sheet. And voila!

The Inspired Plate Challenge | November | The Holiday Table

Welcome to The Inspired Plate monthly challenge!

This month's Inspired Plate Challenge takes you into our personal spaces to see our Holiday Tables. Another busy month for all of us gals.. as you can see, our November post rolled a few days into December as we are all trying to gather ourselves back together after a very eventful Thanksgiving day of feasting and family gathering. I hope you all had wonderful visits with family and friends.. and I hope you had a chance to stop and take a few minutes to be thankful.. even the small things in my life that seem to have subtle value, if placed in the right perspective and light can make the dull and mundane liven up and bring life and worth to my everyday.  

My holiday table here is dressed simply with dishes of dessert, nuts and fruit.. and a delicious  coffee with a special frothed eggnog. Yum! 

Mini Pecan Tarts with a Shortbread Crust, Raspberry Thumbprint and Pirouette Cookies.
Fuyu Persimmon's 

Persimmons in season.. PERFECTLY DIVINE! I was introduced to Fuyu Persimmons last year. I had grown up with the Hachiya persimmon.. which I ate sparingly, but now I'm addicted to the crispness of the fuyu which can be cooked into a glaze for a pork or baked liked apples alongside a roast.

Black and Whites

The shear blue fabric draped across the table made a delicate center piece dressed with glittery aqua, silver and blue balls and little votives decorated with festive holiday stars and battery operated candles. I added silver sprayed eucalyptus branches for added festoon frillery.

The China is called "Liberty" by Lenox. Our wedding set that I love using and photographing whenever I get a chance!
Little snow painted pine cones tousled throughout the table decor adds a seasonal touch. I love the fanciful with the whimsy of nature. When you have kids.. it's inevitable that they will want to add some of their own touches too.