The Inspired Plate | March Challenge | Breakfast

This month The Inspired Plate is celebrating our monthly challenge with "Breakfast".
I know this looks like a simple breakfast.. with not too many ingredients, but I so often eat alone
in the mornings after the kids have all gone to school and this for me is quick and satisfying. A soft cooked egg, thinly sliced and buttered sourdough toast.. perfect for dipping, and a cup of tea. 

A few of the gals added a challenge element to their photos, Morning Sunlight. The top photo was shot early in the day with my place setting in front of the light source. Creating a "Backlit" effect. I love the warm glow it gives and you can almost see a faint outline of the trees in my backyard.

I had so much fun shopping for props this month. Spring is definitely in the air and all the beautiful hues of yellow, pink and lavender set the tone for this place setting beautifully. I LOVE this tea cup and saucer. And this egg cup.. so adorable! Right before Easter isn't really the best time to be looking for egg cups. I scoured the antique market and probably spent 3 hours perusing the aisles to find one that would match this lovely tea set. But, I have an idea that many hostesses thinking of serving soft cooked eggs on Easter.. and throughout Spring, was a very good idea!

My garden is in bloom with a variety of lavender plants and daisies. I just love this pop of color streaming through my kitchen and family room windows!

Soft Boiled Eggs are easy to cook. Take out your eggs ahead of time and allow them to come to room temperature. This will prevent them from cracking when you put them into the water. Boil water in a small saucepan. Make sure you have at least 3/4 of the pan filled. Bring to a rolling boil. Lower temperature to medium high, carefully place eggs in water. Allow them to come back to a soft boil. (not simmer) Cook exactly for 4 minutes for firm whites and a soft yolk. Season with salt and pepper and enjoy with your favorite toast! I drizzle my sourdough toast with honey. yum. I love the salty savory taste with the sweetness of a little honey! :)

Please be sure to head on over to Stacey Siegal | Bradenton FL Food Photographer. I am sure she will have some beautiful and scrumptious photos and recipes to share! My lucky friend sits pretty on the warm beaches of Bradenton and rocks her camera! She is SO talented and it is a privilege having her join us for a second year!

Ciao and Buon Appetito!


Sabrina said...

Laurie, you did an amazing job with the backlight! I don't think I captured it anything like you did. Amazing photos, every month. I just love your styling and arrangements :)

Tammy Bilodeau said...

Oh how lovely these are Laurie. I especially love the props you've chosen, such bright and cheery colors for your first meal of the day. I to adore soft boiled eggs and the soft light you captured here just adds to the ambiance.

Kim - Liv LIfe said...

Oh, my dear Laurie... not only do you have gorgeous photos (and I adore those props!!!), but you have a scene that draw me in. You made me want to sit down at the table and enjoy one of those eggs (which btw I've never really mastered). In my mind your breakfast is set at a little B&B in the country, and the owner is using her Grandmother's passed down pieces. She sits and shares coffee with her guests as they enjoy the breakfast she made and gives them tips on where they might spend their day.
Beautiful, beautiful work. I have serious light envy!

Adirondack Baker said...

These photos are so beautiful and inspiring, and make me want to have a soft-boiled egg, something I haven't had since childhood. Lovely!

Kat said...

Flowers always say breakfast to me as well. Your delicate blooms are a great complement to the delicate soft egg. Gorgeous morning light as well.

Stacey said...

These are so beautiful Laurie!! You always have the prettiest props. Love the flowers in the tea cups - so gorgeous! And you have me wishing for a soft-boiled egg now!!

Jen Olson | Localette said...

Laurie, excellent job!! You nailed the morning light look, so happy and inviting. Also, well done on the soft boiled tricky to photograph!! Such a pretty and happy feel to these images. Wish you could make me breakfast!! ;)

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