Seasonal | The Inspired Plate | Strawberries and Cream

Seasonal was this months challenge for The Inspired Plate team, I wasn't going to participate this month, and actually am a day late, but my sweet girlfriends from TIP linked me in anyway! LOVE them!!! We had a seasonal lunch treat yesterday for my kids.. Strawberries fresh from the garden!

The TIP gals cooked and baked up some delicious treats for your eye pleasure.. please make your way over to check out their gorgeous photos! My friend Kat Clark ALWAYS has something delicious cooking up.. her family is totally blessed!! :)

Strawberries and Cream

Fresh Strawberries
Whole Cream
1/2 tsp. Sugar (as needed) I use NuStevia 

Clean and slice strawberries.
Add cream.. start with a 1/4 cup. Add more if you like it saucy! :)
Add sugar if needed. The cream has a naturally sweet taste so you don't need much at all. 

Laurie xo

Tropical Frozen Julius

This yummy Summer treat is a cross between an Orange Julius and a Frozen Tropical Fruit and Banana Icy. Both are delicious, and both are something I make regularly during the heat of the summer for my family. One is fat free, and the other has a tad bit of fat by way of the addition of milk. Either way, you can't lose with bags of frozen fruit on hand and a food processor!

DMC Ingredients
1 Bag Frozen Pineapple
1 Bag Frozen Mango's
4 Tbsp. Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate
2 Bananas, frozen or not
1 Cup Low Fat Milk (or Kefir which I use)
*If needed, 1 packet NuStevia or honey to taste
*Frosted Mugs

In a food processor blend all ingredients adding the milk a little at a time to get a consistency like ice cream. When ready, dollop in ice cream glasses or frosty mugs.. and enjoy!!

This should provide 4 servings :)