Meatloaf Dalla Mia Cucina

For me, meatloaf is one of those homey dishes that falls under the category of comfort food. Like that of a a rotisserie style or baked chicken, the preparations are simple and there's nothing easier than having the oven do it's magic! Growing up as a young girl I remember sharing many a meal at friends houses. It always amazed me even back then at the variety of ingredients and the recipe alterations that each different family added to make their meatloaf unique with their own personal style or handed down family recipes. Lori Lynn from Taste With The Eyes did a post called Let's Share Our Meatloaf Secrets last year. I loved her variety and her readers also had diverse combinations that made their loaf their very own. I know it's a bit late, but I am now getting around to posting my most treasured secret recipe for meatloaf. :)

The ingredients are quite simple and prepared a bit like a large loaf shaped meatball. You can use two meats here, but it's not necessary, for some reason the grocers in my area don't carry ground veal except for around the holidays. Although you can have veal cutlets ground by the meat department attendants.

2 lbs Ground Meat of your choice (I prefer 1 1/2 lbs. sirloin and 1/2 lb. veal combined)
2 cloves minced garlic
1 tsp. finely chopped shallots
2 Peperoncini rinsed and finely chopped
*1 medium celery rib, finely minced
*1 medium carrot, finely minced
1/4 cup fresh basil julienned
3 tbs. fresh Italian flat leaf parsley
fresh ground black pepper to taste
1 tsp. kosher salt
2 eggs
1 cup + 1/4 cup fresh grated Parmigiano Reggiano
3/4 cups dry Italian style bread crumbs (or Panko if you use that)
1 cup + 1/8 cup red wine
8 slices Provolone cheese
Tomato Paste with no seasonings (reserve 3 tablespoons for top of loaf
*I didn't add it in this particular meatloaf, but a soffrito of carrots and celery are always a must!

Start by setting aside 1/4 cup Parmigiano, 1/8 cup red wine, 3 tablespoons tomato paste and 2 slices provolone cheese.
Make thin slices of the provolone for the top of the meat loaf, the remaining six slices will go in the middle as a cheesy layer for the meatloaf.

Mix meats, garlic, shallots, peperoncicni, minced celery and carrot, basil, parsley, salt and pepper together. Add eggs, red wine and tomato paste, blend well. Continue by adding parmesan cheese and bread crumbs. If the mixture is too dry add more wine. If it is too wet add equal amounts of parmesan and bread crumbs.

In a loaf pan put half of the meat mixture. Lay the slices of Provolone layering them to overlap each other. Put the remainder of meat on top of the cheese and smooth out. Spread the set aside tomato paste on top of the loaf. Criss-cross the slices of Provolone on the paste. Sprinkle with the parmesan cheese and drizzle red wine on top.

Bake on middle rack in a 350˚ oven for 55 - 60 minutes. Meat read thermometer should read 160˚ for. Let rest for ten minutes. Buon Appetito!

One half of meatloaf in pan ready to be topped with provolone.

Meatloaf with criss-cross of provolone slices, tomato paste, parmesan and a drizzle of red wine.

Look at all that yummy cheese oozing from the middle of the meatloaf. And the criss-cross design looks so pretty.. as far as meatloaf goes! :) Don't you think meat is hard to photograph?
Ciao and Buon Appetito!


JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Yum Laurie! This looks great, I do love meatloaf, and yours looks awesome!

Chef Chuck said...

Now that a nice Meatloaf!

The Duo Dishes said...

Wish our mommas had put tons of cheese in the meatloaf! It has to be nothing but goodness that way.

Passionate About Baking said...

Oh yum the way the cheese is oozing out 7 the perfect balance of flavours! YUM!!

Mila said...

Laurie, that looks beautiful! I myself have finally perfected my meatloaf dish as well and it truely is a comfort food! Great pics!

Joie de vivre said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I'm excited to find yours! Meatloaf is one of my husbands FAVORITE dishes and I never make it for him. He would drool over yours. I think I may make it for V-day for him. He would love it.

Sara said...

My husband loves meatloaf, he always requests it. I love the cheese on top, it looks pretty and I'm sure it tastes delicious!

Proud Italian Cook said...

Its midnight and the photo with the melted provolone has given me hunger pains! I'm going into my freezer right now, and taking out ground meat and placing it into the frig in hopes that it will be defrosted tomarrow so I can make this for dinner!!

Lori Lynn said...

Whoa! Whoa! A blast from the past! Aren't you sweet to mention Taste With The Eyes here?? And you won't believe this but I made a "test" turkey meatloaf this week. One of my coworkers is going through a tough time as his wife is hospitalized for her pregnancy and they have two little boys at home, 6 and 3 years old. So, we all signed up for nights to cook him and the boys dinner. He does not eat red meat, so I was thinking a turkey meatloaf would work. Your ideas here will definitely improve upon it and I think appeal to dad and sons. Especially the cheese additions! Thanks Laurie. Say, any ideas for healthy side dishes for the three of them that go with meatloaf?
P.S. Meat is the most difficult of foods to photograph (eggs are best) and your meatloaf photos are fabulous!

Bellini Valli said...

Thanks for sharing your meatloaf secrets with us:D

Navita said...

Lovely looks scrumptious...although I will have to go for lamb or chicken, as I do not eat beef.

hi first time here, n loved reading u...would love to have u around at my place too.:)

Anonymous said...

This sounds and looks like a wonderful meatloaf :)

The Blonde Duck said...

I love that cheese on top! That's awesome!

Proud Italian Cook said...

FYI, I'm making this tomarrow!! Can't wait!

Proud Italian Cook said...

Attention everyone who is reading this comment!!! Please make this meatloaf, I did, and it was superb!
The addition of wine takes it over the top, along with all the other ingredients. Thanks Laurie!!

glamah16 said...

The maetloaf is gorgeous. You have taken it up a notch in presentation.

CaptnRachel aka Tha Pizza Cutta said...

I am echoing Marie - this sounds like dinner really soon. Thanks for sharing!!