Celebrate | The Inspired Plate’s December Issue

Celebrate.. The Inspired Plate’s theme for the month of December! We all came to this
month with different idea’s and varying plans, but all of our ideas were novel just the same.
I really intended to end this year with a “BANG”.. photographically that is. Until December
actually came along and that BANG went “BUST” with all sorts of unexpected expectations.
Do you ever feel like your head is in a whirlwind and it’s spinning round and round like one
of those awful tea cup rides at Disneyland? 🙂 Honestly, I have been feeling overwhelmed
like that since October!
“I’m hurried and frazzled and sometimes bedazzled,
I’m a jewel in the rough on a pink powder puff,
I’ve got here to go there to go everywhere a kids show,
Behind me, beside me, around me, “Please guide me!”
Mom do this and mom do that, My dear husband reminds,
“Don’t forget that”. I need a break, and I really do mean it,
Just need to slow down so I don’t go ballistic,
Inhale, exhale, don’t forget to breathe,
I think if I pray, I’ll remember what I believe,
On the wings of an eagle, He mounts me up high,
Don’t have to be weary, with Him I can fly,
He gives strength to the tuckered, and to him who lacks might,
He increases with power to those who’d take flight.
How absolutely awesome the Creator I know,
So down on my knees in prayer I shall go.”
By Laurie M.Vengoechea ©
It’s in one of these moments that I wrote this.. tap tap tap.. “I must remember to take
my own advice!” Needless to say, I didn’t get everything done for this post that I would
have liked to. I did do all the shooting, but some of the other AMAZING gals are putting
together their end of the year Magazine Covers. WOW! I am so impressed and if time permits..
which, by golly Miss Molly I’m going to make happen, I too will put my efforts in creating
my magazine issue with the recipes included! I did start my Prep School layout.. but by 7pm
I knew I was too fizzled out to get beyond these photos. So here we go…
One of the photos I’m including here is my DMC Italian Filled Cookie. It’s my favorite
cookie that our family has been making for years. It’s quite similar to the Sicilian

Cucidati Fig Cookie, with the exception that mine is made with apple butter instead of Fig.

I will have this recipe up soon! Over the years my Dalla Mia Cucina cookie has had
quite a few searches and raves. If you are looking to get your hands on this recipe soon..
 you can find it here. Although.. in my updated recipe I add a new ingredient that cuts down a bit on the sweetness and ads another flavor component that rocks the recipe! “Espresso Powder”. 🙂
Our yearly Christmas celebration wouldn’t even start without my Manicotti, Meatballs and Sausage! My kids beg us to stay home for the holidays to ensure they get their fill of this Holiday
favorite. And then there is my traditional hot spiced cider with my DMC twist.. cherries!
It’s yummy for the whole family.. and perfect for a night of playing kid friendly games by the fire!
Before you go any further, please be sure to visit my friend Jennifer Grant | Metro Detroit Editorial Food Photographer. I’m so pleased that she has been with us all year and will continue
to rock our socks off with her amazing photography for another year!
I am SOOO excited to get through the circle this month.. we have some amazing talent here
at The Inspired Plate and it has been an honor to watch them grow throughout this year. I have
made friendships that I will forever treasure.. and even though some of the girls may not be with us full time this next year, we will see them for Alumni Posts and they will still be an ear shot away for us to chat and gab about creativity and business advise for new growth
within our group and our own successes.
Coming January we have new themes and some new talent too, so please come back,
we look forward to your visits and your comments too! If you haven’t done so yet, visit our Facebook page and become a “friend”! We love visitors!

Custard Filled Cream Puffs

February 16, 2013